"Gee, those are great pictures!  What kind of camera do you have??"

I get this question more times than I can count.  Nobody believes me when I tell them that when this website first went live in 2000, the vast majority of the pictures were taken with old Minoltas!

(My collection is actually larger than this.  See my youtube video showing off what I consider to be the 10 best Minolta cameras ever made (1):) 

(1): Everybody asks "Where's your video of the 10 worst?"  The list was published in the subsequent month's blog post, toward the end.

Since then, I've been using every A-mount and E-mount camera that has come out, starting with the 7D from Konica Minolta, to the modern Sony cameras

Why have I chosen the Minolta / Sony platform?  For one thing, Minolta's optics have always been superb (they were supplying optics and camera parts to Leica for many years), they invented the wireless flash and (up until 2004) they were the only company which allowed the pop-up flash to trigger them.  Then there's the 'Zeiss' thing.  And, until recently, I have never had to worry about other photographers asking to borrow my lenses or flashes.  :-)  

Autofocus Lenses currently in use:

(And that's just the A-mount!)  Yeah, still using Minolta lenses because they are great, sharp, and one of the most underrespected brands in the industry.


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