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High-impact Photography Seminars

Boston * October 18-19, 2008




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The Friedman Archives nationwide Photographic seminars are coming to Cambridge! 

Geared toward anyone who owns a digital camera, this pair of day-long seminars is for anyone who has ever said to themselves, "Why can't my camera just make things look like the way I saw them?", or "I want to take pictures that make people say, "Wow!".  They are geared toward beginning and experienced photographers who would like to learn more, reinforce what they already know, experiment, and become inspired to become better photographers.  All in a fun, friendly, and nurturing environment.

These seminars are structured differently from almost all other photo courses.  Whereas most other courses bombard you with the technical stuff first, The Friedman Archives Seminars recognizes that modern cameras do a pretty good job with focusing and exposure, but do a miserable job with composition and the art aspect of photography (realms best left for the HUMAN).  So the first day emphasizes composition, light, art, capturing emotion, and how to get high-impact photos -- all without ever leaving AUTO mode.

The second day delves into the technical aspects of digital photography.  You can attend either day, or both - neither class has a prerequisite.

Here’s some of the things you’ll learn from this seminar:

Day 1 ("The Beginner's Class", or "The camera can do quite a bit by itself.  Teach me about creativity and light and things that only the human can do!")

France 0234 DSC06434.JPGDay 2 ("The Technical Stuff")

There will also be ample discovery exercises to allow you to become familiar with your camera’s operation and experiment with certain features. 

RamageRemember, the overriding goal of photography is to have FUN, to experience your world, tell a story, and to give you an excuse to go out and do things you wouldn't normally get a chance to do.  These courses were designed to be an engaging and fun way to jump-start the process!

How much does it cost? 


Dates: October 18-19, 2008

Location: Holiday Inn Boston - Somerville

30 Washington St.

Somerville, MA 02143

(617) 628-1000


Hours: 10:0 AM - 5:00 PM each day



The Friedman Archives Seminars represent the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn the basics of photography.  Invest in yourself and take "Wow!" type pictures forevermore!



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