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What others are saying - Volume II


Hello Gary.

It is incredible how fast the weekend went . I wanted to personally say thank you in an email. I learnt so much that on arrival home there was a scene outside I picked up my camera and didn’t immediately feel overwhelmed.

I learnt a great deal over the 2 day seminars, met some interesting Uk enthusiasts and had the immense pleasure of two days learning from you AND met your wife. It really was a great pleasure and high point to be able to attend and I hope I can do the learning justice.

 What surprises me the most is that you are not lauded everywhere you go, your obvious deep and broad skills, Technological agnosticism and neutrality coupled with your real world practical knowledge and skill in knowledge transfer is a breath of air and very valuable to me and others like me. That you had a Sony A9 for us to handle - which isn’t even on sale here yet was a wonderful extra.

I wish you and your wife a pleasant stay and do enjoy Edinburgh/Scotland. If there is anything I could help with while you are here , please don’t hesitate to let me know

Very Best regards, Malcolm Powell

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