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Table of Contents

Chapter 0     Introduction

This Book is Different

Chapter 1     The Alpha 65 and 77 in a Nutshell

Major Features – A65 and A77

SLT Design

World’s Highest-Megapixel APS-C Sensor.

World’s Best Electronic Viewfinder

HD Video with Autofocus

Olympic-style shooting speeds.

Two Panorama Modes

In-camera Lens Corrections

Handheld Twilight  /  Multi-Frame Noise Reduction

Three Low-Light Modes Compared

Handheld High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Peaking Color

Built-in GPS

Electronic First-Curtain Shutter

Object Tracking

Picture Effects

One Heck of a Kit Lens

An A65-only feature: Built-in guide!

A77-Only Features

12 pictures-per-second

That Crazy Articulated Screen

Two .jpg compression settings

AF Micro-Adjust

Additional Features

Other Sony Standards

Steady Shot

Face Detection / Face Registration

Smile Shutter

Wireless flash

Scene Selection Modes and Auto+

YARF (Yet Another RAW format)

Some Essential Lens History


Crop Factor

Sony and Minolta Lens Nomenclature

Frequently Asked Questions about Lenses

The Latest Firmware

“My Pictures Aren’t Sharp!”

Chapter 2     Quick Guide for the Impatient User


Some Essential Configuration

Energy-Efficient Mode

Which Display?

Configuring the DISPlay

The Panorama Mode

AUTO setting

AUTO+ Setting

Program (“P”) Mode

The “Images Remaining Counter”

Focusing Basics

How does the camera know what to focus on?

Autofocus Using Face Detection

Autofocus (AF) / Manual Focus (MF) Switch

Single-Shot AF / Continuous AF Focusing Modes

Continuous Shooting and Memory Cards


The Other Battery


Flash Exposure Accuracy

My Personal Camera Settings

Chapter 3     The Function (Fn) Functions

Drive Mode

Single-Shot Advance

Continuous Advance

10s and 2s Self-Timers


Bracketing for HDR (A77 only)

What exactly changes when you bracket?

White Balance Bracketing

DRO Adv. Bracket

Infrared Remote Commander

Flash Mode

No Flash

Auto Flash

Fill Flash

Rear Sync

Wireless Flash

Slow Sync Flash (A77 only - not in the menu)

Autofocus Mode (A65 Only)

AF Area





Object Tracking

Face Detection

On (Registered Faces)

Smile Shutter


High ISO Noise Levels

Multi-Frame Noise Reduction (MFNR)

AUTO ISO Settings

Specifying Auto ISO Boundaries (A77 only)

Less-than-100 ISO Values (A77 only)

Metering Mode

Center-weighted  and Multi-Segment Metering

Spot Metering

Flash Exposure Compensation

White Balance

Auto White Balance and Pre-Set White Balance

Tweaking the Pre-Set White Balance

The Color Temperature setting

Custom White Balance

Dynamic Range Optimization and HDR

Creative Styles

Frequently Asked Questions

Contrast Setting

Saturation Setting

Sharpness Setting

Combining Settings

B&W Mode

Picture Effects

Soft Focus

Rich-Tone Monochrome

HDR Painting

Miniature Mode

How do these effects differ from before?

Chapter 4     The “Recording” (Camera icon) Menu Settings

Image Size

Aspect Ratio


Panorama / 3D Panorama Functions

3D Panorama

Other ways to view 3D .mpo Files

Long Exposure NR


Flash control

Power Ratio (A77 only)

AF Illuminator

Color Space


Shooting Tip List (A65 Only)

Exposure Step (A77 Only)

AF-A setup (A77 only)

Priority setup (A77 only)

AF w/ shutter (A77 only)

Memory (A77 only)

Chapter 5     “Custom” (Gear icon) Menu Settings

Eye-start AF

Finder / LCD Setting

Red Eye Reduction

Release w/o Lens

Auto+ Cont. Shooting

Auto+ Image Extract.

Grid Line

Auto Review

DISP Button (Monitor & Finder)

Graphic Display



For Viewfinder (Rear LCD only)

Peaking Level / Peaking Color

Live View Display

Func. of AEL Button

ISO Button

AF/MF button (A77 only)

Preview Button

Focus Hold Button

Smart Telecon. Button

Smart Teleconverter

Focus Magnifier

Ctrl dial setup (A77 only)

Program Shift

Dial exp. Comp (A77 only)

Exp. Comp. set (A77 only)

Bracket Order (A77 only)

AF drive speed (A77 only)

Lens Comp.: [Three variables]


Chromatic Aberration


Front Curtain Shutter

Face Registration

Chapter 6     The “Playback” Menu Settings


View Mode

Slide Show

But what if you have an older analog TV?

Slide Show using the Optional Infrared Remote Commander

PhotoTV HD and Bravia Sync

3D Viewing


Specify Printing

Printing the Date on the image

Canceling DPOF files

Volume Settings

Playback Display

Chapter 7     Memory Card Menu Settings


File Number

Folder Name

If standard form is Selected

If Date Form is Selected

Select REC Folder

New Folder

Recover Image DB

Display Card Space

Chapter 8     Date, Time, and Area Menu Settings

Date/Time Setup

Area Setting

Chapter 9     The “Setup” (Wrench Icon) Menu Settings

Menu Start

LCD Brightness

Viewfinder Bright.

GPS Settings

Viewing on a Map

More about GPS

GPS Menu Settings

Power Save

HDMI Resolution


USB Connection

Audio Signals

Cleaning Mode

More about Dust

Dust on the Mirror

Delete Confirm. (A77 only)

AF Micro Adj. (A77 only)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Test

Another way to Test

Upload Settings (Eye-fi card only)



Mode Dial Guide

Demo Mode


Chapter 10   Exteriorly-Set Settings


The Scene Selection Modes


Sports Action




Night Scene

Handheld Twilight

Night  Portrait

Panorama / 3D Panorama Mode

10 / 12 pictures per second mode

Movie Mode

“No Flash” mode (A65 Only)

MR (Memory Recall - A77 Only)

Drive Mode Button

White Balance Button

Exposure Compensation Button

ISO Button

AEL Button

Slow Sync (A77 only)

AF/MF Button (A77 only)

Movie Button

DISP Button

Smart Teleconverter / Focus Magnifier Button

Playback Button

The Help / Delete Button

Menu Button

Focus Mode Knob / Switch

Preview Button

Viewfinder Eyepiece Diopter Correction

Flash Sync Terminal (A77 only)

Remote Terminal Connector

Remote Commander (Infrared) Receiver

“DC In” Connector

USB and HDMI Connectors

Vertical Grip (A77 only)

Microphone Connector

On-Off Switch

Chapter 11   Movie Mode and its Menu Settings


More Detail

Best Lenses for Movie Making

External Microphones

External Display

Manual Control in Movie Mode

Importing your Files to your Computer

.modd and .moff Files

The File Formats

More About the Formats

Choosing a Video Format

Why is my camera warning me when I change formats?

“Can’t Record this Kind of Movie”

Editing your Footage

Saving a Freeze Frame

Creating Discs

Burning AVCHD videos

Creating a Data Disc

Movie Tracer

Playing Movies on your PS3

Audio Recording

Wind Noise Reduction

SteadyShot (for movies only)

Tell a Story

Chapter 12   Wireless Flash and Advanced Flash Topics


Flash Models

How does it work?

As Simple As It Gets

The New Wireless Protocol

Intermixing the New and Old Flashes

How to do Ratio Flash

Ratio Flash using a 36 and/or 56 as slaves

Advanced 2- or 3-way Ratio Flash using a 42 and/or 58 as slaves

Groups and Channels

Will the Control Bursts Affect Exposure?

Bounce Flash

Light Modifiers

Umbrellas and Softboxes

Manual Flash Mode

To put the 56 into Manual Slave mode

To put the 43 and 58 into Manual Slave mode

To put the 42 into Manual Slave mode

High Speed Sync (HSS) flash

How it works

How to Activate HSS

Balancing Ambient Light and Flash

To Probe Further

Chapter 13   DRO and HDR

Dynamic Range Optimization

How it Works

More DRO examples

Frequently Asked Questions about DRO

So When Does DRO kick in?

When DRO is bad

Combining with Sunset Image Style

DRO on Your Computer

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Chapter 14   Digital Imaging Topics


An Introduction to RAW

The Bayer Filter and Demosaicing

How Your Camera Creates A JPG

RAW, TIF, and JPG Compared

JPG Compression Artifacts

Any Other Upsides to Shooting .JPG?

RAW Processing using RawTherapee and NeatImage

Step 1: Convert the RAW File

Step 2: Apply Noise Reduction

RAW Processing using Lightroom 3.3 or Adobe Camera RAW CS5

A Final Rant About High-ISO Noise and Camera Reviews

Image Size and Resolution

“Hot Pixels”

Memory Cards

Some Background on MemoryStick Pro Duo

Some Background on SD Memory Cards

Memory Card Corruption Issues

Chapter 15   Additional Resources

Internet Forums and Discussion Boards

Lens Rental

3rd Party Camera Triggers

Camera and Lens Review Sites

25 Ways to “Wow!” e-Booklet

Advanced Topics 1 and 2

An Introduction to Sony’s Wireless Flash (video)

The Friedman Archives Seminars

What Others Are Saying

Facebook and The Friedman Archives Blog

The Road to China

The Maui Xaphoon


Appendix A  A Condensed Guide to the Basics

Shutter Speeds



Focal Length


Program Shift

The Histogram Display

Brightness range, sensors, and the human eye

Using the Histogram for a fin(d)er degree of control

The “Secrets” to Light and Composition

Writing with Light

Composition – The Rule of Thirds

Out of place shot


Classical Portrait

Environmental Portrait

“Hey, Look at Me!”

Appendix B    A “Cookbook” for Special Shooting Situations



Artistic Waterfalls

Stage Performances / Rock Concerts

Nighttime Time Exposures

Shooting in Snow

Street Photography

Sunsets and Silhouettes

The Moon

Nighttime Sports

Christmas Lights

Product Shots

Interiors that sell


Candlelight Shots

Appendix C   Tip Cards



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