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It is our goal to commercialize the Data Egg typing scheme, either by producing our own products, licensing the scheme to PDA and 3G cell phone manufacturers, or both.  Generally, there are three major things that are needed in order to attract the proper type of venture capital:

  1. Defensible Intellectual Property (2 patents are in hand; more are in the works)
  2. A demonstrable market with tremendous growth potential
  3. An experienced and successful management team

We currently are seeking $400K in startup seed money, which will go mainly toward the fabrication of prototypes and extensive market research, both of which are required to demonstrate the market.  (As mentioned in the Potential Markets page, our research indicates the best market to pursue are teenagers throughout Europe, who are likely to gravitate toward this device because A) It is COOL, B) It will be able to play games, and C) it makes it possible to rapidly type SMS messages during everyday activities like no other typing scheme on earth.

(This page updated 7/24/01)

About the Author:

Gary L. Friedman, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, has spent 10 years at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and 5 years as Founder and General Manager of E2 Solutions, a network consulting company where, under his leadership, the company went from 0 to $10M in revenues in three years.  Since then he has also participated in two dot-coms (which we won't talk about here J ).  Mr. Friedman holds a Bachelorís degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Northridge.  He is the owner of 3 patents, author of dozens of technical articles, and sole author of two books.  Mr. Friedman has won numerous awards for his electronic design, leadership skills, and contributions to the space program, and has also demonstrated a mastery of both the technical and business worlds. 


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