The Road to China

Chapter 11:

Photo Album #1


It's true.  I photograph everything.  One of the great things about being a photographer is it gives me a perfectly valid excuse to go places, see things, meet people, and explore areas that I never would have otherwise.  As a result, I have more good photos than I can possibly use for this travelogue.  The good news is, I can share these all with you here -- sights AND sounds -- via this newfangled 'web' medium.

  Handheld with no tripod at night.  Pretty cool, eh?

Ditto.  This was one of a gazillion outdoor markets.

A cyclist at 6:00 AM.

A good illustrative shot symbolizing "Modern China", don't you think?

A fancy Chinese restaurant in the upper-class part of Beijing.  

Beijing Opera tea house 

(Click on the picture to hear a sound byte of what was being sung.)




(And yes, my literal friends, the mis-spelling of "Sound Byte" was intentional.  Since you're downloading a digital file, it only makes sense to refer to it as a "byte" instead of a "bite".)

A tailor shop at dusk.

High school student in a pensive mood at the Beijing Chemical Engineering School.  




(She's wearing the school uniform too - sweats.)  

Moving subway shot with no title #1

A small family gathers for a small lunch.

A lightly loaded bus.

A lightly loaded subway car.

Construction workers on a lunch break on a blah day.

I saw many people who looked like they were welding, but not using face masks.  Like this guy here.





(Upon closer inspection, this man appears to be cutting, not welding.  But I'm only an Engineer - what do I know?)  

Steps from the Temple of Heaven which have been trodden upon a little too much.  


(Notice that even the "filler" stone has been worn down too!)

A store owner literally minding her own business.

In retrospect, I think I like this version better than the one used in Chapter 9.  Don't you?  



(Click on the picture to hear a sound byte of the pre-recorded music that was playing in the background of this Buddhist temple going up Mt. Taishan.)

Chinglish in McDonald's - this was on the door going out.  

In the major cities it is a law that all signs must be in Chinese and in English.  For many years this was an embarrassment, but since the government here declared 'war' on Chinglish on all outdoor signs two years ago, there is now remarkably little of it to be seen in Beijing.  

No, it's not KFC.




(Please, no rude comments about all of the fast food I must have been eating given the two references made here.  Wait until Chapter 17 when I'll talk about all the REAL Chinese restaurants.  As for the guy in the picture, all I can tell you is it's a different restaurant chain, which I understand  is based in Taiwan.  I don't know what they serve, but I'm willing to bet it's not chicken.)

Great marketing.  





(And what's a lima bea?)

Moving Subway shot with no title #2

One of 25 tiny stereo shops on that block.  


What you see here is the whole store.  

Chemical Engineering School at night, as it might be seen by a bird flying outside the building.

Tea anyone?

Something that might look good on the cover of National Geographic.  (Yeah, I wish...)

Moving Subway.

A man doing Tai Chi in a park.  

(Click on the picture to see a 1-minute movie.  File size: 2.5 MB)

Click here for a larger version (59 MB .mov file)

Colorful Umbrellas

(Hey, I told you I take pictures of everything!!  And this was one of the cleaner ones!)

A monk visiting the Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Ornate Ceiling of the Summer Palace (which, strangely, was only a stone's throw away from the regular palace.)  Multiply this by 300 to get a feeling for what the palace was like.

I'm in China, remember?


Until next time....

"Yours Truly, Gary Friedman"

November 18, 2003

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