The Road to China

Chapter 19: 

Photo Album #3: Hainan

As mentioned in Chapter 18, it was possible to get out and see the "real" Hainan island that tourists rarely see.  Below are some of the sights that were seen from several places around the island.


  An old fisherman.

Exercising at sunrise. 


(There's room for a magazine title at the top, in case any health magazine wants to license this. :-) )

This masked supplier was handing live ducks to one of the boats. 

Dock of a thousand flags near dusk.

Hey, I'm not kidding, this place is JUST LIKE Hawaii!

"Take me home!!"


(Her outfit, by the way, is the standard tourist garb here.  (Yes, that's right... JUST LIKE HAWAII!)

Navigating around the coral.

Smoking break on a fishing vessel.

Caring for the fields.

Boy at back of boat.

Me at the beach.  

The beaches do not get crowded here, mostly because the Chinese go out of their way NOT to get a tan.  Perhaps they are concerned about looking too much like Pakistanis?  

Two old ladies eating Lo Mein.

"Dude!  These vegetables are O.K!"

"Would this chicken be acceptable for your lunch?"

Ummm... negga negga...  Well, at least it tasted good!  

A wall.

Many, many sweets in colorful wrapping go on sale before the Spring Festival.  


This was in an outdoor market at about 11:30 PM.  I would guess that the booth is owned by a local dentist.

The Dancing Barker

A "Barker" encouraging people to stop into the store on a busy street one night.  Most attention-getting!  Click on the picture or here to see a short video of this guy in action. (1.3 MB .mp4 movie)

(Click here for a larger version - 18 MB .mov file)

Curious about Westerners #1

Once we got out of the tourist spots, we ventured to the small towns who rarely ever see any white folks.  We were flocked by many curious onlookers!

Father and Daughter on Motorcycle.

It is not all that unusual for a powered motorcycle to try to plow its way through a very crowded sidewalk.  And although the driver was smiling, he was also bent on running me down.

(Click here or on the picture for a sound sample of what Sanya's main street sounded like.  In fact this level of noise was actually pretty light.  Downtown Sanya has large sound level displays which lets you know when the legal decibel limit has been exceeded.)

No shortage of fish, but unlike Hawaii you can't find sushi anywhere!

Curious about Westerners #2

The son helps Mom prepare the afternoon lunch.

Hmmm... there's a typo here...

A low-overhead barbershop.  



(Ambiguity intended.)

There are more Muslims than Christians in China, and a good concentration of the population is in Hainan.

Billiard table in hut.

I remember in Sociology class we discussed how even the poorest people had television sets.  Well, here in China, on more than one occasion I found families without TV's but with an expensive billiard table instead!

The only good shot ever to have been taken out of a window of a moving bus.

Two families that lived on a boat in the harbor.

Xaphoon and Guitar

A new restaurant started by Singaporeans and Indonesians had invited me to play along with Helmy Andreas, who was their cook / technician / nightly musician one evening.  Having grown up in Singapore, he knew many, many romantic English songs from the 70's, which means I only had to learn a handful of new songs.  We sounded pretty good!  

Later in the evening we accompanied the patrons who sang folk songs from America, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and of course China.  It was a wonderful evening I will remember forever. 

The Yawning Fisherman.  

Final Shot.


Until next time...

"Yours Truly, Gary Friedman"

Jan. 21st, 2004


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