The Road to China

Chapter 23:

Photo Album #4


Mother and Daughter in countryside.
The Joy Luck Club.
Man and pole.
2 uncles.
Delivery bike at dusk.
A performance space in Chao Yang park.
Central Square in Huan Dao.
A corner of a room.
Boy playing pool.
3-wheeled cargo / taxi driver.
Studying in a dorm.
x He had no idea what his hat said.
Baby in Hainan.
An old beggar hanging out in front of one of the 5-star hotels.  
Everybody smokes here.
Stop Sign.  
The sticks.
Traditional Chinese Dresses.


And that, my friends, is the end of my travelogue, and I must say this has been quite an adventure!  My six-month journey is at its end; and I reluctantly say goodbye to this remarkable country and return to the land of wasteful, arrogant, lazy, imperialist, over-entertained whiners who still think of China as "Red China" of the 1960's, and not the humble economic powerhouse that it is rapidly becoming.  (Note: Okay, I was exaggerating about the characteristics of Americans, but really, that is how we are sometimes perceived by other countries.)  I know I will be back; there is ample opportunity here and the world (especially the U.S.) needs more ambassadors.  I would not mind filling that role.


"Yours Truly, Gary Friedman"

February 20, 2004


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