The Road to China

Chapter 15:

Photo Album #2



Woman and Scale.

Green Wall and Chair

Two Egressing Children

Woman and Blur.

Gang of 3.


Auto Mechanic shop at dusk.

Would you like a Banana?

A student watches a Chinese soap opera during lunch in the classroom.

Or perhaps you would like a sweet potato?

A generic sunset.

A generic motion shot of a family walking through an open-air market.

Nut Vendor.

Students clean the outside their 3rd Story classroom windows!

A Buddha Statue carved entirely out of one solid block of White Jade

Carrying cooking fuel to the nearest eating establishment

(The fuel is actually a short charcoal cylinder with holes throughout so it will burn faster)

An ancient library - one of the buildings within the Temple of Heaven complex (Beijing) 

All students do group calisthenics in the morning.  (But no eye exercises at this school for some reason.)


(Click here or on the picture to hear the musical exercise regimen.  VERY reminiscent of the cold war!  This is a 400 KB .MP3 file.)

"You have to keep everything in perspective!"

Ummm... ahhh... 

negga negga...




A kilometer of outdoor food stands.

Walls and doorways.

The idea of diapers hasn't really caught on in China.  Most toddlers wear clothing like this, with front and back openings for "easy access".

Just like in America, Winnie the Pooh is more popular here than Mickey Mouse.

Okay, so I admire Alfred Hitchcock!  I felt compelled to include one gratuitous shot of me.  (Again.)


Until next time....

"Yours Truly, Gary Friedman"

December 20, 2003

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